The perfect date for ladies

Alongside Northern Fantasy UK’s excellent male companionship services for women we aim to help plan and enjoy the perfect date for ladies in the UK who we serve. If you’re a lady in the UK seeking the perfect date with the perfect companion, see this extensive list of ideas we like to suggest.

  • Walks on the beach
  • Restaurant visitation
  • Bars / Clubs
  • Hotels / Spa break
  • Museum or gallery date
  • Coffee / daytime outing
  • Live events and shows
  • Wine tasting
  • Bespoke short trip to the countryside
  • Special requests

Excellent dating services for ladies

All dates fulfilled for our highly satisfied clients are done so reliably, professionally, discreetly and safely. You can rest assured that our male companionship for women services will deliver to your satisfaction. We have an average rating of 5 Stars. 

Get in touch to discuss your next special occasion with us.

The Perfect Date for ladies
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