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Providing luxury service for professional women

Our male companionship services are a discreet professional luxury opportunity for busy women to get the reward they deserve. For working women, we think it is important to enjoy some down time. Our luxurious and enjoyable companionship helps to create a relaxing escapism opportunities. Professional women often struggle to maximise the value of their spare time, evenings and weekends, so we are passionate about filling that void with meaningful experiences via male companionship. 

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Nicky Knight | Male Companion for Women

Are you a professional woman seeking quality male companionship?

Looking for an intimate male to female experience? Northern Fantasy are a bespoke male companionship service for women. Catering with a personal and conscientious approach, Nicky Knight provides experiences that matter. Kick back and relax in a quality indulgence and intimate moment without any long term complexities or strings attached.

If you have real desires that need to be fulfilled we are here for you. If you’re lonely and need male company from a real man we are here to provide. If you seek laid back, male to female moments in your life as an immediate requirement – we are here to provide for your exact needs.

The time is now to secure your place for a recreational and enjoyable social experience like no other. Whether you’re a woman who likes a bar, restaurant, art gallery, spa break or wild weekend away… our luxury service creates the break you’ve been waiting for. 

Get in touch today to find out more about our male companionship services. All occasions are fulfilled by Nicky Knight. He will help you plan and book your upcoming service in an offer that suits your exact requirements. 

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High Class Straight Male Companion For Women